Yit Marine is operated by Yit Fishery Trading Sdn Bhd and was established since 2010 after our Senior Founder, Mr Goh announced his retirement. Formerly known as Kean Guan Fishery, it was well-established since 1970s’. We owned the commercial netting fishing vessel and most of the resources are from Malacca straits and freshly catched. However, we believe that business diversification is crucial to enter into a new market or industry.

Over 40 years of experiences which was enlighten by our last generation, we certainly know how capable are they and has benefited the next generation like us which in turn has buildup our confident in the development of business in marine and seafood industry. Besides that, founder Mr Goh’s cultivation of credibility, reliability, responsibility and trustworthy created better mutual relationship within Yit Marine and existing business partners.

In the earlier days, Yit Marine started with retail and wholesale which will then distribute it to fishmonger, Horeca industry and seafood factory industry. Currently, resources are widely distributed to nationwide mainly within Peninsular Malaysia. Recently, we started to export to Thailand and Indonesia as well.

毅渔业(Yit Marine)是由毅渔业贸易私人有限公司(Yit Fishery Trading Sdn Bhd)所经营。该公司是在创办人吴先生宣布退休后,于2010年正式成立。公司的前身是建源渔业 (Kean Guan Fishery),在70年代深受业界好评。我们拥有商业渔船,大部分资源来自于海底生物,而且全都新鲜捕捞。然而,我们认为,要进入全市场或行业,多元化业务相当重要。我们的上一代在渔业拥有超过40年经验,我们知悉与继承他们的能力,这让我们获益良多。因此,我们对渔业与海鲜产业的前景更具信心。 此外,创办人吴先生的可靠信誉,负责任和值得信赖的口碑,让毅渔业能够轻易地与现有伙伴建立良好关系。




A wide variety of resources always creates the opportunity to attract and retain customers. Yit Marine therefore perform value added process to fulfill the demand of small medium industry requirement. These factories will further process the raw items into finished goods and resell it to the household market for instance fish cake and fish ball.

Last two years, Yit Marine started to expand our business to international platform. We started to export our Surimi fish and other species of fish to neighboring countries for instance Thailand and Indonesia. We believe that we will be able to export to many more countries in the near future.

We are focused to become a one stop supplier whereby we will be able to fulfill all our customer’s need. We also do supply farmed stock and frozen seafood to customers.

By the vast range of marine products we have and excellent service that we provide, we are confident and look forward to serve you better with every opportunity.